2018 Challenge

Great quilt show!! 
And I would like to thank the many participants who helped to create such a well-represented 2017 Challenge Exhibit - 40 pieces!
In the feedback I received, members universally loved the 12” x 12” format and I
enthusiastically concur. 
One square foot is totally doable, especially when you are trying a new technique. (Above is a comparison of a king-size quilt vs. a challenge quilt!) So, if during the next year, you watch a quilt show on television, read an AQ
article, buy or receive a quilt book, view a monthly NQG program, or attend a
workshop - try out that idea in a 12” x 12” format. Put it in the 2018 Challenge
exhibit, then keep it, gift it, or donate it to the 2018 auction to benefit Bosom
Buddies. For the Challenge Chair, the pile of quilts is so easily transported and hung
at the show.
Now that the size has been established, what is the topic? I‘ve found that I am more
excited about making a quilt where I relate to the theme: e.g., family, pets,
landscape, and flowers. 
For the 2018 subject matter, YOU get to choose!
The constraint will be COLOR selection. 
Use a color wheel, provided on the link , to determine a specific color scheme. 
For those who need a refresher, you may want to try primary colors (red, yellow & blue), secondary (orange, green & violet), complementary (across from each other on the color wheel), analogous (next to each other, or monochromatic (light to dark of one color). 
On your label, please include your name, phone number and the color scheme which guided your choices.
Want a direction a little less “scientific?” Go for the alternate challenge:
WATERCOLOR. Perhaps you have created or seen a copyright-free watercolor
painting & you’ll interpret it in fabric. 
Or simply use pastel colors in a traditional block. 
Or build a portrait of your favorite impressionist painter, whether long-gone or currently in kindergarten. 
Basically soft colors are expected, but not required, as long as the concept “watercolor” can be applied. 
On your label, please include your name, phone number and “watercolor.”

The exhibit is pinned to fabric at the Naples Quilters Guild February meeting, and at
the NQG Quilt Show, the exhibit is clipped to metal stands, so a sleeve is not required.
If you want your challenge quilt(s) to be judged, fill out a registration form in January 2018. 
All challenge quilt(s) should be brought 15 minutes early to the February
2018 meeting for display and membership viewing. 
Those quilts to be judged will be taken home by the quilter and submitted at quilt-drop-off. 
Those quilts not being judged will be taken by the Challenge Chair to be hung at the NQG Quilt Show.
There was so much positive feedback about the 2017 Challenge Exhibit - let’s make
2018 even bigger and better! Get thinking, ladies & gent….

Jo Anne Powell