naples quilters guild   1983 - 2018   35 Years!
Standing Rules of the Naples Quilters Guild

Membership in the Naples Quilters Guild

Members are encouraged to:
Pay annual dues by April 1st
             Wear a nametag to the monthly meeting - members not wearing a nametag will make a
                 suggested 25 cent donation to the guild.
             Sell or purchase at least 20 raffle quilt tickets or make an equivalent monetary donation to the
                Guild’s operating fund
             Help with staffing needs at the Quilt Show and submit entries per Show rules
             Participate in activities which perpetuate the organization’s purpose
             Assist in setting up and taking down the meeting space
             Volunteer for committees
             Make an annual charity quilt
             Make a small quilt for the Small Quilt Auction (proceeds support charitable purposes)
             Assist in making the annual raffle quilt

Members may:
             Participate in all Guild activities
             Receive an annual membership roster
             Receive the Guild newsletter
             Have preference over non-members in registering for Guild-sponsored workshops
             Borrow materials from the Guild library
             Enter quilts in the annual Quilt Show
             Participate in the Guild internet mail list

Annual dues are $25. Dues will not be prorated.
Renewal membership dues are due by April 1st.
Members are strongly urged to renew memberships in April in order that the membership roster will be as
complete and accurate as possible. Dues may be paid in person to the Membership chair or can be
mailed to the Naples Quilters Guild, P.O. Box 3055, Naples, Florida 34106.
Members who have not renewed by May 1st will no longer receive the newsletter, nor will they be eligible
to participate in any guild activities until dues are paid.

Standing Committees of the Naples Quilters Guild
All standing committees are encouraged to have a chair and at least two additional members. Where
needed, committees may have sub-chairs. It is strongly advised that each committee chair appoint an
assistant who will learn how to do the chair’s job. While it is not mandatory that the assistant move into
the chair’s position the following year, and with the full understanding that each President has the right to
select those who will chair committees during her term, it is hoped that such successions will occur
whenever possible. Doing so will provide a steady stream of fresh ideas, smooth transitions, continuity
and increased opportunities to serve the Guild. Except as otherwise noted, all committee chairs will be
appointed by the President for whom they will serve. Chairs should seek volunteers for their committees
from the general membership.
When scheduling activities, chairpersons will make every effort to avoid overlap with another Guild activity
or regional quilt show by coordinating with the President.

The Audit committee will be appointed at the December meeting and will consist of a minimum of two
members. Committee members will review the Treasurer's records following the February meeting and
prepare an audit before the March meeting. The audit report will be printed in the March or April
newsletter. The audit report will include but not be limited to verification of completion of the IRS and
non-profit forms, all checks written during the audit period, and supporting documentation for all

Facilitates formation and dissemination of information about Guild sponsored Bees.

An annual budget needs to be completed and approved by the Executive Board prior to the beginning of
each fiscal year (January 1 to December 31). The Board-approved budget will then be printed in the
December newsletter and presented to the general membership for a vote at the January meeting.
During the fiscal year the adopted budget can be amended by written request to the Executive Board and
amended by a vote of the general membership. Committee chairs and members are encouraged to
submit budget requests in writing. Guild expenditures will be limited to 125% of budgeted amounts. In
order to spend in excess of that amount, the budget must first be amended by vote of the general
membership at a guild meeting.

Challenge Quilt
The Challenge Quilt chair will be appointed prior to May 31, so that guild members have several months
to work on the challenge. This is a self-sustaining activity and Guild members will purchase all materials
needed to make the challenge quilt at their own expense. Quilts not completed by the announced
deadline may still be displayed with the others at the Quilt Show.

Financial Policy
The Executive Board shall create a Financial Policy to determine reimbursement limits, guidelines for use
of tax exempt purchases and payments to lecturers/teachers. The policy may be changed at any time by
a majority vote of the voting Board members.

Gathering Stitches
The Chair will oversee all activities planned for the Gathering Stitches meetings. Meetings are usually the
last Saturday of the month.
The purposes of Gathering Stitches will include member-led educational workshops, focus on small quilts
for the auction, charity quilts, Quilt Show Boutique projects, raffle quilt, etc., for which the chairs of those
activities will plan and publicize their own projects. Also informal fellowship opportunities for members to
gather to work together, baste quilts, and enjoy each other’s company.

Keep a scrapbook of newspaper articles, photos, programs, Guild newsletters and assorted memorabilia
of the Guild's activities; scrapbooks will be displayed as requested by the Board. Make available to the
Newsletter committee any pictures taken at meetings, gatherings, classes, workshops, events, etc. for
inclusion in the Newsletter. Write a short history of the year for the annual meeting.

Organize the December Holiday Pot Luck Dinner and program for the evening.

Internet Services
The Website Chair will oversee and maintain the Guild’s website, keeping time-sensitive information up-to-date.
Various guild chairs have the responsibility of sending information or pictures to the Chair for
posting to the web site.
The Corresponding Secretary has the task of maintaining an electronic internet mailing service so that
bulk emails may be sent to the membership whenever guild notifications are required.
The guild may wish to have a group Facebook account. The purpose of the site would be to allow guild
members to post quilt related information and share their quilt knowledge through the social media web 
site. A Chair will be appointed to maintain the account; make sure that access is by members only; and
make sure that all posted content is appropriate for the mission of the guild.

Set up the library at least one half hour before each monthly meeting.
Check in, check out and seek return of overdue items.
Maintain a current list of the library inventory including records of costs and borrowers of each item, and
provide a copy of the library inventory to the Internet Services chair for posting on the guild’s web site.
Purchase new items as the Library budget allows and publicize in the newsletter all new items received.

The Second Vice President shall be chair of this committee.
The Chair will staff a welcome table at each general meeting to provide for member/guest sign-ins and
serve as an information resource.
Guests will be asked to pay a $5 charge to attend meetings when a National Quilt Teacher is presenting
the program. All guests will be encouraged to join the guild.
Receive and record all membership forms and annual and new member dues.
Oversee a subcommittee to welcome new members and enhance their early Guild experiences by
making introductions to other members, answering questions, encouraging participation, and other
mentoring activities.
Publish an accurate membership roster in May and publish all updates in the monthly newsletter. Guild
members will be encouraged to receive the roster in electronic form. The guild roster is to be used for
guild purposes only and is not to be given to outside organizations or vendors.

Nominating Committee
This committee is tasked with proposing new Executive Officers who are willing to accept the duties of the
position. While it is hoped that the First Vice President, subsequent to her term in that office, will accept
the role of President, there will be times when this does not happen. The nominating committee should
first look for a new President among the other Executive Board members, then to the committee chairs
and lastly to the general membership for qualified and willing candidates. The committee chair will report
to the sitting Executive Board with the slate of candidates prior to the announcement of the slate. The
committee will consistent of one current Board member and 4 members at large.

Small Quilt Auction
Encourage all members to create a small quilt to be donated to the annual Small Quilt Auction, which
takes place on the last day of the annual Show. There are no rules for donated small quilts.
The chair will collect and display the donated quilts at the February meeting. The chair will arrange to
have an auction of these quilts at the guild’s annual quilt show. Proceeds from the auction will be used to
benefit a selected charity that serves the needs of women in Collier County affected by breast cancer.

National Quilt Day
Organize and publicize the Guild’s celebration of National Quilting Day (officially the third Saturday in
March) which we normally celebrate the following week in order to avoid a scheduling conflict with our
other activities. The format for the day will be established by the chair. The purpose of the event is to
host a day of fun and fellowship among the Guild members and their guests. Educational activities and
service projects are most often part of the day’s events.

The Newsletter is our prime vehicle for keeping Guild members informed of Guild-sponsored activities
and news about individual Guild members. The Newsletter chair will create and publish a newsletter at
least one week prior to the monthly meeting. She is responsible to distribute the newsletter to members
either through the USPS or via e-mail. Guild members are strongly encouraged to register for the e-mail
version of the newsletter. Committee chairs are to submit their newsletter articles and reports in writing to
the editor no later than the 25th of each month. Members are encouraged to submit articles of interest or
questions they want answered.
Members may submit sewing-related ads. These ads are limited to one ad per member every other
month, in 20 words or less. The phone number equals one word.

The First Vice President is chairman of this committee.
The Chair will plan monthly programs for January through November. She will plan for approximately 15
workshops per year. It is anticipated that 5 workshops will be given by local teachers and 8 to10
workshops will be presented by 4 to 5 national teachers.
The member cost for workshops will be decided by the Executive Board and will be dependent on the
financial health of the Guild. The chair, in consultation with the President, retains the right to cancel
workshops per contract if confirmed attendance is too low.

Members are encouraged to register for workshops up to three months in advance. If openings remain
one month prior to the event, workshops may be opened to non-members. The workshop cost for a nonmember
will be $12 more than member cost. Confirmed workshop reservations require fee payment in
full. Checks will be cashed upon receipt. Unless the workshop is cancelled, workshop fees are nonrefundable.
A waiting list will be maintained for all classes. If a member is not able to attend a class,
she/he can contact someone on the waiting list or another person that would like to take the class. The
member will then collect the class fee directly from the person that is acting as their substitute. This is the
responsibility of the member, NOT the Program Chairman.

Quilt Show
The Chair is responsible to appoint and coordinate all show committee chairs as listed in the documents
governing the Show.
Appoint an assistant chair as soon as possible. At the pleasure of the incoming President, if at all
possible, the assistant chair should expect to become show chair the following year in order to assure a
smooth succession.
The annual Quilt Show Rules and Quilt Show Standing Rules will be published each year in the

Raffle Quilt Current Year
This committee will have been appointed at the February meeting the previous year. Each committee
serves for a two-year period. Oversees completion in the first year of term.

Raffle Quilt Next Year
This committee will be appointed at the February meeting every year. Each committee serves for a two-year
period. Oversees exhibition in the second year of term.

Raffle Quilt Tickets
Oversee all details regarding the production and sale of Raffle Quilt tickets, including pre-sales and sales
at the annual Quilt Show.

Suggest possible trips to quilt shows, quilt shops and other quilt-related activities several times each year.
Arrange for transportation and other details if there is sufficient interest in a trip. The member cost for bus
trips will be decided by the Executive Board and will be dependent on the financial health of the Guild.
The travel chair, in consultation with the President, retains the right to cancel bus trips per contract if
confirmed attendance is too low.
Additions/corrections to the Standing Rules will be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board.